The Story

[Message begins:]
U.C.F. Protocol ZX1138-a, coded. Summary.

It is with irony that I write this message, so close to the ten-year anniversary of the Ulysses 1 incident. Dr. Burke has been tenacious in her actions and lobbying towards the council and I conclude that we are reaching a breaking point. She has long proposed a second expedition into the Black Zone, to seek answers to the Balaethon mystery and to find clues to the fate of the U1 crew.

Her efforts have resulted in a willingness to listen, having gained much support, even so far as to Admiral Thorenson volunteering to command an expedition escort if she can secure the funding. At the present time I feel that it is in our best interests to provide such funding – at the very least it will secure our material rights to any discoveries mad and it will better allow us to control the situation. I need not delve into how important it is for us to keep control. In anticipation of your answer I have made appropriate arrangements and selected a team to accompany the expedition, including myself.

Commissioner Aaron K. Renner, P.R.C.
[Message ends]